CREATIVITY - A life skill we can master

Isaac Zakar
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A 142-page book (in a handy 72-page PDF file) that works as a CREATIVITY CHEATSHEET FOR THE DESKTOP OF YOUR COMPUTER, that teaches you how to systematize and enhance your creativity in & in everyday life.

By the time you finish it, you'll witness yourself being able to generate creative ideas in a fast and targeted manner. After your first read, I encourage you to keep coming back to it from time to time, to apply the systems, methods & mindsets suggested in new contexts and see even more fascinating results over time!

Creativity is for all of us! Not only for the “creative” types.

In every single aspect of our lives, a creative approach can work as the competitive advantage that makes the difference. Good news, creativity can be taught!

What if the reason for every single experience of any kind in your life until now was for you to thrive in the project you're working on at the moment? Imagine you could leverage your absolutely unique experience as a human today in the direction of your choice, just by using your creativity!

In his debut publication, Creative Director and Branding Designer Isaac Zakar guides us through a creative journey full of deep thoughts, ideas and mindsets that can be applied during the creative process taking place in our everyday lives, often times without us knowing it, and helps us reveal hidden opportunities for growth.

Condensed knowledge, accumulated over the years of his professional experience as a designer being in a constant hunt for creative ideas. Presented in a simple way and crafted together with visuals that contain multiple layers of meaning.

The author’s primary aim is to spot the light on the underrated role that creativity can play in our endeavors at any age, regardless of our area of expertise, He shows us that there’s a way for all of us to wake our creative side and leverage it towards what we truly desire and actively pursue in life.

This book will accelerate your trajectory towards your biggest achievements, by almost magically increasing your levels of creativity!

For every possible future update after your purchase, you get the updated PDF file for FREE!

  • You'll get a finely crafted and illustrated by the author e-book in PDF format that will help you reveal your most creative self!

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  • You'll get a finely crafted and illustrated by the author e-book in PDF format that will help you reveal your most creative self!
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CREATIVITY - A life skill we can master

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