Profile PictureIsaac Zakar

Creative Director, Visual Communication Designer & Corporate Branding Consultant, Founder of Plus Gravity, an Athens-based Creative Branding Design Studio. As a naturally curious person, I've always loved examining every aspect of my life in a constant quest for systems that make it easier. This curiosity, combined with my inherent love for design and applied aesthetics, has given me the opportunity to work for a long list of highly prestigious brands. During my corporate years in Advertising, I had the honor of working for world-class accounts including BP, Danone, Bel, Boehringer Ingelheim, Friesland Campina, LG, WIND, among many others. In a demanding corporate environment, where generating "creativity on demand" was crucial for every single project I worked on, I thoroughly examined the day-to-day creative process to figure out ways to optimize it. This scientific approach to a process that can feel close to art gave me the ability to be highly creative within specific time-frames. Through this journey, I've discovered that creative methods, techniques, and mindsets that emerge in one area of life can be applied across all of them. I am now excited to share these methods, techniques, and mindsets with other creatives and anyone who could use a little more creativity in their lives!

CREATIVITY - A life skill we can master

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